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Utility Energy Systems Pressure Relief Valve Policy Propane System at Co-op

Pressure Relief ValueUtility Energy Systems (UES) does not recommend the use of used internal pressure relief valves (PRVs). When dismantling LPG tanks, UES trades-in internal PRVs to a refurbishing and testing company. UES’ policy is based on the NFPA 58 Code, which recommends that all pressure relief devices be tested or changed every ten years or less. It is usually impossible to verify testing dates or accuracy of testing records. There are significant safety risks in the event of valve failure, including fire, explosion and inhalation hazards. Additionally, valve failure can lead to service interruptions and product loss, usually at the peak of the operating season. When a PRV fails, propane may leak from the tank. To replace a PRV, the tank must be taken out of service, emptied of all recoverable liquid, and flared and purged of flammable vapor in order to safely replace the PRV. Purchasing new PRV’s costs only slightly more than the cost of testing and certifying used PRVs. Accordingly, UES does not believe that the cost savings justifies the risks.

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